Avril! :)


Thank you for giving me back my Avril!

And thank you for giving me 15 cents back for each litre of petrol pumped!

Today I sort of like woke up from the gloominess I had a few days ago. I realised that I’m working with a bunch of very brilliant people, so brilliant that I feel I’m not very brilliant……yet. I like to be surrounded by brilliant people, makes you feel that you are learning from the best. Of course, you feel a bit pressured if you are the kind who keeps comparing if you are better than the others. For me, I take it as a form of motivation, pushing you to be better.

The starting part is always the hardest. At least I know I’m trying, else I won’t be feeling bad for the past few days.

The deadline is going to be there still, so is the workload. However, it’s really a matter of choice for me whether I want to choose to go to work happily or sad. I was just looking everything at a bigger picture and I think it’s really not that bad lah. Then, I was also thinking about my journey thus far. Each job that I had previously and now are totally unrelated to one another. I started every job from zero, learning from scratch and if I was able to do that before this, I should be able to do it now, or maybe even better.

I love myself for my writing skills. I’m not a writer and nor do I structure sentences with perfect grammar. But I’m thankful that at least I can write to get the message across. Writing something for others to understand simply is very important.

I look very highly upon people who can write well. In fact, one of the unlisted listed requirements of the person I love is that he must write well too. Well, but so far I’ve also fallen in love with those who doesn’t write well. It’s just that you will have plus point if you can write well because I think people can write well falls under the cute category.

Pappy came today. We are both excited about this Sunday. He said he came for the MAHA Exhibition in Serdang but I can tell you, he’s here for that as well as to pick Iris up from the airport. Just the thought of it makes me smile. I’ve never felt so eager to pick someone up from the airport.

Going to the dentist tomorrow in the afternoon. Coincidentally, a friend of mine is also going to the dentist to follow-up after a week of getting braces. Now I have a gigi besi friend. It’s cool. She was inspired to get her braces done after she saw me getting mine. I actually made more friends with this braces on. People will come telling me that they used to wear braces too or people that they know wearing braces. There are also people who’ve come to ask me if it hurts. It’s an ice-breaker topic. Putting on the braces is already a part of my life. I don’t really feel it there anymore. It’s well-blended and I have my own way to get food unstuck.

Have a lovely weekend ok? 🙂

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