• Went for a karaoke session at Neway Puchong today. It was fun. Liked the fact that the room we got was big!! We even had a private toilet to ourselves and I didn’t realise it until someone told me about it when I came back from the toilet outside.
  • “??” is a song I learnt in my primary school days. We kept singing that day as our last days of Primary 6 was coming to an end. We kept practising it that there are certain songs which would stay stuck in your mind and you just know the lyrics to the song no matter how long after that. Like now. 🙂 I like this song very much.
  • I’m still very much tied to the memories that we had. It’s like no matter what it’s going to be like from now on, I’ll always have that piece of memory with me. At least, it’s nice to know you’ve been loved and you’ve loved very much once. It’s tugged in a corner of my heart. I take it out when I need to refer to it just to feel that tinge of sweetness or just the thought of being in that love.
  • I have this very stupid imagination/thought that keeps lingering in my mind. I’d imagine that one day I’ll bump into him with another girl. Sometimes I play this scene in different ways on different times of period when the thought comes hitting me. I’ll play out the plot in my mind. I have many different scenarios, from him regretting that he has let me go, to me regretting we don’t get to be together, to me wishing him happiness, to me getting angry, to me sobbing, to me just staring at him blankly, to me just running away at the sight of him. Crazy, I know but I just thought of writing this down because it really has been in my mind from time to time. Doesn’t hurt me, just sends me staring out of a restaurant window, watching the crowd passes by and thinking to myself that among the crowd, there might be him.
  • I’ve been very unstable with too much thoughts. Especially about my job. That’s because I keep seeing vacancies that looks “greener” than the one I already have or the “feeling” that I have that says I can get a better one. So much so that I have been having long breakfasts at home because I do get a feeling that I do not wish to go to work. I’ll delay until I can’t anymore and then get to work. But one thing I know, no matter how I begin to dislike my job (don’t get me wrong, it has not reached that stage yet but this job of mine, just judging from past experiences), I’ll stick do the best that I can till the very end….because I always like to keep a certain image of myself when it comes to work ethic.
  • When I think further, I began to like this job a lot more too. There will always be a phase where you struggle a little, trying to adapt and it’s during this process that keeps you thinking of so many other possibilities that disturbs your emotions. My superiors are kind. The environment is good. Maybe my job can get boring at times but other than that, it’s fine really.
  • I’m giving Himalaya Herbals’ Neem & Turmeric soap a try to cure my back acnes. I really wish to have a clear back so that I can wear clothes that shows off my back comfortably. I’ve been tucking those shirts away now because I just can’t bear to look at the pimples on my body and some scars which were left behind from the years of having body pimples.
  • I got myself a dress for my friend’s wedding tea ceremony. Not pure white but there’s some flower patterns printed on it. Love it a lot and during the process of hunting for a white dress, it did appear like I was the one getting married. Imaging covering the whole One U and cannot get even a simple white dress. Got it at The Curve instead.
  • When it comes to clothings, I always keep my new clothes in the wardrobe. Occasionally looking at it when I open the wardrobe but never take it out to wear because to me, new clothes should be kept for special occasion. But now, I’m trying to make myself to wear them because you just have no idea how long I can keep a new shirt/dress hidden in the wardrobe.
  • And lately, for some reason, I think I need to have more shoes on top of the quite many shoes I already have. This is also a penyakit especially when I want to match certain shoes with certain outfit.
  • You have a great week ahead.


  • gracieq says:

    I used to keep my new clothes in the wardrobe to the point where I forget that I actually have new clothes! Now, I wear what I buy within a few days of purchase, even the new clothes for CNY.

  • Grace says:

    Same here and now I try to rotate clothes that I don’t wear often so that they get to see the world too!

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