Make Time

It has been an exhaustive week.

Another 3 working days to go. So little time, so much to do.

At home, there is also a lot to be done. My spring cleaning has not completed and it’s on standstill.

CNY decorations are not even up yet. I MUST DECORATE THE HOUSE.

Pappy just flew over today but I’m not going to really spend time with him this time around else my time is gone. I have to stick to my own agenda as this is the last weekend before Chinese New Year and I’m flying home in a few more days. Can’t wait…can’t imagine how I can finish my work, it’s a do or die thing. I’d have to be superwoman throughout this few days.

I’ve got to juggle work during the weekends. I have to celebrate birthday for a friend. I have to attend a very important event tomorrow. I have to catch a lion dance performance tomorrow (if my friends are late, I swear I will kill them!). To make a backup plan, I have already planned to catch another lion dance on Sunday in a shopping mall. I need this to cure myself, to rejuvenate myself with the sound of drums, clashing of cymbals and flying and hoppity lions. TUNG QIANG ALL THE BAD QI AWAY. I have had enough bad Qi for the entire week. I have to meet up with a friend prior to that because she suddenly out of the blue sent me an SMS today and said she needs someone to talk to. I can never turn down such request because I think when someone does so, she really needs someone to talk to.  I might save a life, you see?

I have to shop because I’ve got to utilise the discount card that’s expiring end of the month. Spend using my credit card at participating outlets with 5x reward points or those that entitles me for goodies. Spend also must make sure money is worth spend, must have extra goodies behind. Now I sound like some cheap-skate auntie. Ok ignore, proceed.

Pay management fee. Redeem vouchers. Pray that car doesn’t die. Lately it’s getting harder to start like got phlegm stuck in throat like that. Hoping battery is not going to die on me, if it’s the battery problem. Please please tahan until I fly back to my hometown.

Pack my stuff. Plan on what to wear for at least the first three days of CNY. First day is done. CHEONG SAM. I LIKE!

Sounds impossible to complete all of the above in a span of 4-5 days but I will definitely try to make time.


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