Happiness Is…#42


I have finally waited for the moment to come. Stood there waiting since 3:15 or was it 3? It started about 40 minutes after that. My wishlist for today has been fulfilled.

Just a sidenote, do you know how long I’ve not updated the “Happiness Is” series? Almost a year. I can’t believe it too! There surely must be something that I am happy about within this one year’s time, right? Anyway…maybe I wasn’t really happy last year. Let’s hope I’ll be happier this year.

Reached the shopping mall early because I didn’t want to waste my time looking for parking if I were to come after 12 noon. Got myself a denim skirt..something I longed for and have looked high and low for because it either doesn’t fit or is too short or too tight or too loose. This one fits me very well. Perfectly well. Got myself a new wallet too because old wallet is already going through the “peeling” process. Whenever I flip it open, something will peel off and fall to the drop. Ya, it’s that bad. Haha.

Bought 2 bedsheets. It was so cheap I couldn’t resist. 2 bedsheets for RM55. 100 something discounted to 20 something. CHEAP OR NOT? CHEAP OR NOT? I’ve never bought such cheap bedsheets. So happy I can die. Hahaha. Buy one I will feel sorry for myself so I must buy two. Three would be too much.

Bought a brown heel. That shop hor..seldom have sale one. Buying shoes is not listed in my agenda today but when I show a big banner saying 50%, any right-minded girl would go in. Ok, maybe it’s just me. Then I had a hard time deciding between black or brown. Black is nice, easier to match but I figured I’ve got a black one already. Brown also looks nice. The girl who served me was so nice, always smiling. Today my buying shoe experience is very nice..so much so I told the girl, I actually liked both colours but I can only choose one. She smiled again. After I paid, she smiled to me again. Wonderful!

Lion dance was scheduled at 4pm but 3pm already the place was crowded so I also stood there and wait because if not, I won’t even get a place to stand. The lion dance performance was nice. Very cheeky one. I like. Whatever lion also I like lah. After watching it, I memang feel puas already.

Bought a few CNY deco after that. Bought some at the stall but next time, should just go to Jusco to buy. 70% discount for CNY deco from last year. Doesn’t really matter whether last year or this year because it’s still new and wrapped. My eyes almost dropped when I saw that it’s 70% off. I mean it’s not even Chinese New Year yet then I overheard someone saying it’s old stock. Bought a box of lighting from the earlier stall that I went to so when I came back home, I terus decorate the house because this is the last day in which I will see daylight. You see…Monday till Wednesday I’ll be working and by the time I reach home, it’s already dark..so I had to decorate when there’s still sunshine.

Sekarang rumah ku ada lampu merah yang berkelip-kelip. Mencuit hati! I also decorated the IKEA transparent vase filled with mini bamboo plants with 3 colour shades of crystal soil. Very nice I think.

11:30pm. Time to sleep. Tomorrow I have to work very very hard!

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