Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just 2 days ago, Iris finally got her working visa after 4 months of gruelling wait. So I told Iris and Mummy that my prayers finally paid off. I prayed about it while I was in the temple in Sandakan, then at the temple in Jenjarom. I also placed a floating candle at the wishing pond too and wished for the same thing.

Mummy then asked, “Did you pray that you’ll find Mr.Right soon?”

“I forgot about that.”

Are you the type who prays for others before praying for yourself? Or are you the type that prays for solely yourself?

I always find myself praying for other people first, my family, my friends, before praying for myself so by the time I come to myself, I would have missed out some important stuff. Maybe I should write down a list. 🙂

Instead of having a guy date me, (like as though I have one), I went for my monthly visit to the dentist today. I was expecting for tooth extraction as what I’ve been told during my last visit even though I wasn’t really prepared today. When he replaced with yet a harder archwire, I knew no teeth will be extracted today and then I was given an explanation of what’s going to happen on my next visit.

I’d have to extract 4 teeth. yea, 4. Two on the upper jaw. Two on the lower jaw. That was still okay even though I already wanted to faint. I have a tooth that is protuding outwards and below that tooth there is no tooth to support it when I bite. One thing I must tell you is never to mess with your wisdom tooth and never ever sacrifice your molar just to get your wisdom tooth out, like what happened to me many years ago. Each time I see that gap of the missing molar which shouldn’t have given way so that the wisdom tooth behind of it can be extracted always struck a very sad chord in me. I hate the dentist who did it to me too.

Anyway…what my current dentist suggests to do with that tooth is to have a screw to support it to level it up, make it less protuding. And once it’s levelled back to go inward, it means that tooth will be biting down towards the gap at the bottom..so in order to support that, I might need a mini implant. Upon hearing this, my mind kind of cannot work for quite some time. I came home walking from the dentist thinking very hardly about my teeth.

Maybe it sounds scary but it’s not? I mean the dentist say it like it’s no big deal. haha.

Whatever it is, I’m going to go with the 2 teeth extraction of the upper jaw then we’ll see how it goes from there lor. I’ve had the worst dental surgery many years ago to remove my wisdom tooth so I think this normal extraction of teeth shouldn’t be something to worry about. And I mean, there’s really no use worrying because this is the path I chose to walk down and I’d have to be brave to face it.

Have also cancelled to go out with my girlfriend today because of my numbing teeth. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway!

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