I Read a Book

Left office at 5:30pm and then spent 2 and a half hours waiting for my ex-colleagues for dinner. They were held up in a meeting so I had to spend more time in the bookstore…which isn’t entirely a bad thing. I finished reading a book within that span of time. I’m so proud of myself. hahaha

“He’s Just Not That Into You” was the book I picked from the shelf. Wanted something light and not too heavy. This was one. It was funny. You can catch me trying hard not to smile too wide and not to laugh out loud. Somehow it makes me feel that Mr.Bad Guy isn’t worth the wait no matter what excuse I give to myself to explain the possibilities of why he disappeared on me.

Sometimes I’m happy that I could actually put it aside and move on. Of course, it would sometimes come back to haunt me occasionally but it’s something I know I can manage to brush it aside if I really want to. I just want to be happy. Plain simple.

One line in the book that really really caught my attention and I think it’s so very true…is this following line.

You already have an asshole. You don’t need another.


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