My braces…they are one year old. I’ve grown accustomed to having braces that I feel I could actually live with it for the rest of my life. It is already a part of me. The routine of removing the elastic bands when I have meals, putting it on again after meals, waking up from the bed when I realised I forgot to put them on (sometimes telling myself it’s okay to skip a day, if I was really lazy to get out of bed to get those bands), brushing after meals, smiling with braces, changing toothbrush more often than I need to and the list goes on.

The initial timeline was 6 months to go but I doubt it with the current progress and situation so I’m actually looking at another year but I’m fine with that. I just want the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Someone told me I look more mature than before and that I was aging. AGING. And that I should get someone and get married before the SHINE wears off. :-w

Whatever lor. For all I know, I cannot stop the aging process but I don’t feel old. I think I like my life now than how it was a few years ago during my early twenties, which is full of uncertainties, worries, doubts and silliness. It’s not that I’m all certain and geared for everything that comes my way…but I would say I’m in better control and I will strive to have a better grip. I just want to love life and in return life will love me back.

I may be single but I will be someone lovable so that I’ll fall in love with myself first before someone else does. And I really do think that if a person loves you, he will love you for you. Mummy has never failed to complain about Pappy to me, throughout the years, it has always been the same thing. I know she knows it but yet she still wants to repeat it over and over again. Sometimes my ears get a little bored of it…so I’d tell her…”Ma, Pappy is like that and will be like that. You know him. And it all comes in a package, the good and bad.”

I talked to Mummy just a while ago over the phone and tomorrow’s her birthday.

“I’m very scared and worried right now.”


“I think your dad forgot that it’s my birthday.”

“But your birthday is tomorrow. How can you be so sure he forgot about it when it’s not even tomorrow yet?”

“I don’t know. He just seems busy and all. I hope he doesn’t give me any surprise. And please…don’t remind Papa about my birthday. I don’t want any surprises. But I’m still scared and worried.”


I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’ve got a date with a girlfriend after work. We will be holding some rich conversation which will be filled with laughter and all my sorrows will seem so far away. I’m going to a concert over the weekend and then to a warehouse sale even though I’m officially broke.

C’est La Vie

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