Billie Jean

Everyone was talking about it and it felt like I was the last to know. And that I’ve not really been reading news.

When I heard of the news, I was like, “Uh..ok”. Still didn’t quite believe it and was trying to register in my mind that Michael Jackson has passed away.

I still wasn’t feeling anything because I was too busy trying to figure out the work emails I was reading. It was until I was driving home from work that I switched to HITZ.FM (because I have been listening to purely ONE.FM for more than a week) and they were playing solely MJ’s songs. CNN was also reporting the news for the whole day and I learnt a new term today, cardiac arrest.

So I tore open a packet of junk food and tuned into BBC because CNN was showing Business news, trying to get more information and I’m now listening to Billie Jean.

May you rest in peace.

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