Wisdom Tooth

My gum was painful after I had lunch yesterday and it is quite annoying that I didn’t feel like talking. It got worse during dinner time so I only settled for porridge. Opening my mouth and swallowing was painful too because the gum got swollen. Checked out my gum and I can see some white surface appearing above the gum….it’s my new wisdom tooth.

Of all times, it has to appear now, especially when I have my braces on so I’m not quite sure if that’s good news or bad news. If it grows out well, I think it should be fine but if it doesn’t it may have to be removed and removing wisdom tooth is more torturing than putting on braces.

Yesterday wasn’t quite my day. As I was hanging on and holding on to myself to be positive and cheerful despite the many things that I wasn’t pleased with, it finally came to a stage where I felt like crying. I woke up and I felt like crying. It got worse when I went to work, the tears were already forming and so I had to excuse myself to calm down in the toilet.

In some way, I know there are things which we don’t like to do but we are required to do it anyway. So, I’m talking myself into just doing it and see the big picture. I think I can do this.

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