Mini Custard Bun and Cheese Cake For the Soul

I just ate a mini custard bun which was given free courtesy of the boss of one of the food outlet. He gave us a mini custard bun and 3 slices of mini cheese cake. I’ve been eating there once a week and I guess the boss knows us already. The funny thing is…they don’t sell buns or cakes…so I don’t know where he got the bun and cake. But it’s really a nice gesture from him. We couldn’t finish them so I tapao the mini bun back…and though I’ll still full, I cannot waste this. It’s sweet! It helped to heal my heart also.

Today, I guess I already forgave the person by half and I think I should be almost done by tomorrow. If it is meant to be, it will be. It turned out…it is not meant to be for me. So, I’m moving on again…hoping to come to another possible to-be. I’m happy with myself for being able to look through this and open up. It wasn’t the best experience/feeling to go through but well…at least maybe it could help me write a book in the future.

My parents have been worried sick about me. Especially mum. I want to be the cheerful Gracie again.

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