My tummy and me

I’m not feeling really well. Tummy is painful, with wind and gas swirling around it. Feeling cold too..not sure if the fever is coming. Don’t think if this has got to do with the extraction…just maybe lack of sleep and a lot of thinking and doing very new things that shakes me out of my comfort zone lately. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

While I was working on something today, I realised what I’ve learnt before this was put into use, in a way I’ve never thought it could be. I didn’t know what good it was to learn it anyway but I had to because I work for others thus I do not always have the privilege to choose what I like or don’t like to do. I could feel a smile drawing on my face and then I just thought what I’m going to do and learn to do from these coming weeks onwards is going to be for a reason. I do not know what good it would bring me and the results may not be immediate….but I’m sure even the slightest lesson you learn everyday is something you’ll own and no one can ever take it away from you. The good thing is that….you can always pass it on and teach others.

Actually, I like teaching…if I teach someone who really wants to learn.

I just have a feeling that I won’t be doing this corporate thingy for the rest of my life. I would someday like to be in business. I really don’t want to be clocking in and out everyday, abiding by the red tapes. It may be harder being in business but at least I know I have something of my own. It’s going to take time but my mind is set to go towards that direction. I really want to do it.

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