I Said No

Went for my monthly facial treatment and like always, they will sell to you the new treatment that you must get.

I can smell it coming. This time, no matter how tempting it was, no matter how high the mark up price was and how low they were marking it down for me so that I will sign up for another treatment package, I said no.

I can sense the frustration and disappointment of the beauty consultant because her face was turning sour. You know how sometimes they make you feel like you’re stupid to let go off a good deal. They will ask you are you sure…why don’t you want it?…it’s really cheap…and they give you 101 reasons why you should have it. If I’m the wife of a tycoon, maybe I wouldn’t need to blink an eye and just sign it. But because I’m not so I had to reject.

It was tempting I tell you. But because I have already set up my mind before going to facial yesterday that I will not sign anymore new packages, I sticked to that and I’m happy. Very happy.

I could have made the beauty consultant happy by signing but that would mean I’ll come home, feeling guilty and bad for spending a few hundred bucks ┬ájust like that.

I’m tired and I really need to catch up on some sleep.

Happy New Year Eve!

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