Cardless for a While

I’m having this pre-sleep false alarm. My Internet banking account was suspended because I entered the wrong password too many times and I had to call to get it activated again. I don’t like the feeling of leaving it until tomorrow before I call the bank. I needed information for verification and while I was looking for my cards, I realised it wasn’t in my bag. I really don’t like the feeling of losing anything and I thought hard of where I might have lost it. My next and available choice was just to look at another bag and I THANK GOD IT WAS THERE.

And for all I know I have been going out without my IC, driving licence, credit card and all the important cards for the last 2 days. This is bad.

I had my internet banking account reactivated and now I can go to bed . If this was to be discovered while I’m outside, I think I would have panicked even more.

Hello dear cards, come to Mummy!

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