I Miss Monkey!

Monkey, now that you’re gone. I miss you!

I think Monkey has crept into the kitchen more times than I thought it has. It started off with the mysterious moving kitchen mat that went from the floor to the top, next to kitchen sink….to the time when I saw it with my own eyes of Monkey hanging on the tree.

Thinking back again, there was also one time where there were foot prints but nothing was amiss.

And then there was this time the bottle of dishwasher liquid tumbled into the kitchen sink. It could have been caused by a strong wind but then no strong wind has ever did that to the bottle of dishwasher….because it’s heavy and it doesn’t fall that easily.

Then, there was this missing brush.

The last “live” encounter we had was early in the morning when I was blow drying my hair, getting ready to get to work. Mummy was just preparing breakfast and decided to lie down on the bed while waiting for me to get ready.

My mum then SNEEZED really loud and it was immediately followed by the sound of something falling. Mummy thought I dropped something. I thought Mummy dropped something. Mummy shouted to me from the room to ask what I dropped since the sound of the hairdryer was so loud. I told her the sound does not come where I was; I said it sounded more like it was coming from her end.

She went to the kitchen and saw the rubbish bin on the floor and Monkey holding on to the window, escaping. Mummy called me to the kitchen.

It was on the tree and our windows were then quickly shut. Then Mummy said it disappeared but then I suddenly saw the tail of it just outside our window. So funny. There it was holding on to the wooden plank and looking down at Mummy, making funny facial expression.

The only thing we can analyse from this is the monkey was already inside, eating away whatever it could find in the bin and because it was early in the morning, it was quiet. So when Mummy sneezed, it caught him by surprise and maybe it panicked and overturned the bin which fell to the floor. From then on, I called Mummy’s sneeze a powerful sneeze. It scares the monkey.

We called security but he was so small in size and he was looking on top of the roof at the monkey, while we looked down from our house at him. He didn’t know what to do with the monkey. The look of his face that showed helplessness was so funny.

Fast forward a few days, we still saw Monkey but this time we were downstairs and it was up on someone else’s roof, enjoying his time, knowing people are watching him from below.

Anyway, Monkey has been caught. It went into the trap that was being set.

But you know what? I kind of miss him now. It’s like he’s playing with you. Coming into the house and gives you this puzzle that you got to solve. Usually monkey hangs out in a colony but this is a lone ranger and a very adventurous chap. He has visited all of the houses he could visit.

Dear Monkey, I hope you are someplace where you’ll be happy, a place where you’ll have lots of bananas.

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