I’m downloading songs like crazy. I’m so in love with my Internet speed now. I was looking at a wedding video of a friend and it was accompanied with a background music. There was a very nice rendition of  “Sometimes When We Touch”, the kind of song that makes you go “Whoa, this is not bad indeed!”  but I didn’t know the singer to it. It’s not sung by the original singer, Dan Hill so I looked it up immediately and found Olivia Ong. And then I found more songs of hers.

Then, I realised I’ve seen her first time on TV on one of the Taiwanese singing competition and I really liked her then. As I browsed through more of her songs, I discovered another song that I like that was playing on the radio recently but never knew the title or who sang it. It is also sung by her. It’s called “You and Me”. Very nice and relaxing. I like!

Her songs will be on my playlist for a while now. Repeat 又 repeat!

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