Attended a Punjabi wedding today. Dinner and dance. My first time attending one so it was an eye-opener and a pleasant experience. A lot of singing and dancing. Very pretty Punjabi ladies and very colourful Punjabi suits.

Came home and it was 11pm. The fixing of the water pipes was more dramatic than I expected. Holes were drilled through the dining area, bedroom, toilets so you could imagine the dust it has created. The whole house was like covered with dust. Everything that I touched was layered with dust. Yikes!

I couldn’t stand it so I vacuumed, mopped 2 rounds, did 2 rounds of laundry, folded a pile of clothes, and I feel so exhausted now. I only managed to finish everything close to 2am. I think I’m crazy. I don’t know where I found the zest to clean so late at night.

The good thing with the fix was water power is stronger. Much stronger compared to the years I’ve been staying here. That shows how things were wrong from the start.

The bad side is I’m duck-less. Ducky I presumed was covered with dust even though it wasn’t visible to the eyes because the book lying next to it was dusty!

Ducky is in a laundry shop for her dry cleaning. She hasn’t bathe for years. Haha. Hoping to get her back tomorrow so that she’ll wake up next to me every morning like she usually does.

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