Eating Machine

It is an extraordinary day for me because I cannot stop eating. Hunger pangs throughout the day. Had lunch at 12 and by the time it was 2:30pm, my stomach was whispering to me, it’s turning empty. I was trying to hold on to it but decided I couldn’t wait any longer so I had tea at about 3. Iris felt like having Korean noodles for dinner so a friend suggested a place and so I went.

I had a very yummy and satisfying Korean meal. Will definitely go back again! It’s Twins Korean Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara. Jalan Solaris 4 to be exact, next to Killiney Kopitiam. Pricing was alright for Korean food…reasonable. You can get a meal for RM15. ¬†What I liked about it is there was no tax or whatsoever. What you see in the menu is what you pay. They serve you a bottle of ice water without asking for it. 7 little plates of side dishes, you would get side dishes if you frequent a Korean eatery. These are also re-filled by the waiter without even asking. And while we were finishing our main meal, the waiter gave us another side dish, different from the 7 that we already got. It’s kerang (shellfish, clam, I don’t know what’s it in English). I thought it would be smelly and all, stinky, just like a kerang would taste like…but surprisingly, it doesn’t stink and it was just so nice.

The fun doesn’t stop there. We were given dessert too. It’s a sweet kind of drink…it’s either rice or barley..but I liked that too. The bill came and it was just RM15 for one meal each.

Happy like shit.

It’s 12:03am…and I’m… you know….a little bit hungry. Time for some oatmilk!

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