You’ve Got A Friend in Me

I’ve been watching movies every week for the past few weeks. Prince of Persia, The Karate Kid, Knight and Day and today I watched Toy Story 3.

I liked the bear but it turned out to be character I didn’t expect him to be since he’s huggable and smells like strawberries!

I absolutely adore the “Peas-in-a-pod”. So cute.

Rex, the tyrannosaurus, is also one of my favourite. Always in panic mode.

Buzz, very funny!!

I like the Spanish rendition of “You’re Got a Friend in Me” – (Hay Un Amigo En Mi) by the Gypsy Kings.

Bonnie, the little girl you would adore, just so cute with her toys and imaginary “toy stories”.

I like how the toys appear fake but at the same time, they appear very much alive.

The ending is the bomb. Touching.

When Andy had to part with his favourite toys, I thought about me and Ducky. Ducky has been with me for a freaking 10 years. I still like her all the same and will still like her all the same. To infinity and beyond!

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