Cooking Machine

Amazing. I’ve been cooking dinner for 2 nights in a row. Last night, we had bitter gourd soup with meatballs and otak-otak from Muar. Tonight we had egg and tomato soup, vegetables with chicken.

I will take a break tomorrow since Iris is not eating and I’m going to reward myself with some Korean food. Bul go gi sounds tempting!

Visited the dentist today when the rain poured the highest. I couldn’t find a nearer parking and I figured even if I was close, I would have been wet anyway.

I practically had to walk into a pool of water because I was already in a pool of water. Haha!

I had a different configuration to wear the elastic bands on my braces and I’m not afraid to wear it 24/7 because this is so much better than the previous settings. It’s still very obvious but it’s alright.

I love my new car. It’s the same make and model like the one I drove, this time just new. I’m more than happy.

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