The Umbrella

Writing this as I’m waiting for the guys to fix my car brake lights.

This week is definitely not the kind of routine week I’m having.

I had quite a dramatic Tuesday. I was out collecting my visa. Drove my way there on a new road I’ve never taken. Managed to find the location only to find that the car park is full. Great!

I made a u-turn and parked at the next open space car park I can find. It was drizzling by then but it was fine as I had my umbrella with me.

The moment I opened my umbrella, it showed me its true colours. A branch of steels jotting out at my face. Fantastic!
It was raining more heavily then as if my situation wasn’t bad enough. No way that I can walk in the rain.

The next thing I had in mind was to make another u-turn to get to KLCC. I see parking now. Made my way to Guardian which was conveniently located above where I parked. Got myself a light PURPLE umbrella and then quickly walked to the LRT station to get to ampang park. Walked to the building and I was still in time, albeit 30 minutes late from my target time.


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