Longest Flight Continues

My first time flying with United Airlines and the flight from Singapore to Tokyo took about 6 hours and 30 minutes. I couldn’t find my seat because from where I was standing it showed ABC, DEGH (something like that) except F, which was what I was looking for. There was no steward/stewardess available. Spotted one but she was on the intercom. I turned around saw another passenger and just asked him where it is.

“I think you’ve got to cross to the other side”.

He was right.

It was a small issue but then for some reason, I felt stupid. People who flew United before have been telling me their service is not very good. I’m not sure how bad it can be but I just took note. The first difference that I noticed is that this is the first time, an airline doesn’t direct you to the correct aisle to sit. Usually when you board a big plane, stewardess will let you know which aisle you should go to.

I was seated at the Economy Plus area so I had more leg room. I assumed and thought my next flight will be the same as well but I was wrong. That will be another story. I was seated on the middle 5-seater row. I was the only lady at that row. It was super cold. The guy next to me was also cold because he covered his head with the blanket and slept throughout. Even after I turned off the individual aircon that was blowing towards me, it was still cold.

One thing I don’t like about sitting in the middle is that you got to see if your neighbour is awake or not to go to the toilet. I think I held on for too long and with the coldness, my bladder kind of froze. When I went to the toilet (lavatory), I couldn’t pee a single drop. I came out and stood near the emergency exit area and squeezed my tummy, hoping to defroze my bladder. haha.

Went back in after 10 minutes or so, managed to pee but not fully.

For meals…I had a very salty meehoon and then a tuna sandwich.

Reached Narita Airport and had to immediately rush to another gate for my next connecting flight. The surprising part is I couldn’t find the flight number flying off on the time that was printed on my itinerary. I looked at the screen carefully again and this time saw that the flight was flying 15 minutes earlier.

Flight from Tokyo to Chicago took about 13 hours. I was now seated at Economy punya Economy. I didn’t have the legroom like I had on the previous flight. It is more cramped now and was seated next to the window, meaning I’ve got to crawl next to 2 person to get out to use the washroom. Next to me was an American guy, teaching English in Korea. We talked a bit.

For meals…I had chicken + vege with very hard/dried up white rice…followed by Chinese noodles (but I call it instant noodles) as snack.

There was no individual entertainment screen, only centralised screen. Not nice at all.

Fly. Sleep. Eat. Drink. Stare blankly in front. Sleep. Pee. Sleep. Drink. Eat.

…to be continued

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