Met in the Lift

I’m supposed to write about 23rd August but then I cannot wait to write about 31 August so allow me to  jump to 31st August first before I go back to the 23rd.

Had breakfast at the hotel as usual.

Lunch…had Jet’s Pizza at the office.

It was just a normal working day for me in the US even though it was a public holiday back in Malaysia. It was a normal day until I came back from work and stepped into the hotel lift. There were only 2 of us in the lift and because he was Asian looking, I looked at him. He looked and asked if I am from Malaysia. I was already smiling then, feeling very excited because I knew he was most probably also from Malaysia.

“Yes. Are you from Malaysia too?”

I don’t remember if it was nod or a yes. The next question that came was…

“你会讲华语吗?“ (Do you know how to speak Chinese?)

“会!”. I smiled.

The lift ride was a short one because I stayed on the 2nd floor. We stood outside of the lift on the 2nd floor and started talking. I have no idea that I’ll be meeting another fellow Malaysian here. It is very comforting to meet someone from your own homeland in a foreign place.

The conversation ended in him asking me if I wanted to join him and his colleague for dinner. I agreed without even thinking. He also asked if I wanted to go jogging, he was about to go out. I didn’t bring any shorts nor pants suitable for jogging and I was hungry already so I declined.

As soon as I went into my room, I jumped. Still can’t believe what just happened.

I called my colleague to ask if he wanted to join me and my new friend for dinner.

“Is it a guy or a girl?”

“Why? If it’s a girl, you’re going and if it’s a guy, you’re not?” I asked.

“No, if it’s a guy then I’m going!”

I can’t help but laughed after I hang up. What he actually mean is if it’s a girl, I’m in safe hands. If it’s a guy, he thinks he better accompany me.

4 of us went out for dinner. He brought his colleague, I brought mine. We had Chinese food. After 10 days, I finally get to eat STEAMED WHITE RICE. It was a nice dinner because the place was operated by Chinese from China.

We went grocery shopping at Walmart after that before heading back to the hotel. My only thought then was that I wished we had met earlier because I only have like 3 nights left. The rest of the 2 nights were spent shopping after work since I’ll be flying off on the coming weekend and then one night I had to have dinner with my colleagues.

I didn’t get to say goodbye either. Called the night before I flew but there was no answer. Called the morning I’ll be flying but there was no answer. I didn’t have any of his contact or whatsoever and I know I won’t be able to contact him once I fly back to KL. Feeling a bit sad and but I’m glad that he started the conversation in the lift. Though it was short, it was memorable.

I will see you if I ever see you again.

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