There’s a 3-month old puppy at my grandpa’s house that has gone missing for day. His name is Cola. My aunt and uncle thought it got stolen and were saying how cute the dog was and how sad they were. I’ve never seen him before so I have no idea how cute he can be.

It reminded me about the movie “Hachi” so I told my mum, the dog will surely find its way home. I just wanted to believe that the dog will come back.

We were talking outside of the house last night and when we were about to enter the house. I saw a dog from far. At first I thought it was the mother dog but it didn’t seem right. The dog was charging towards us. The way I saw it, I thought it was coming to bite me.

I froze until my aunt shouted “Cola”! It was still running and barking and then it bumped its nose onto my left leg and gave a good sniff. Turned around me and sniffed some more.

Everyone was very happy with Cola coming back. It was then left to roam about on it’s own until an hour later, my uncle decided to tie him up so that he doesn’t get lost again.

He couldn’t look for him. My mum called out for his name but there was no sign of him. Uncle was saying he may have wandered out again. I went out to join them looking for the dog. All of a sudden, a nose came bumping my left leg again.

I looked down and saw Cola. Very naughty!

I like him.

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