Stretching Further

It’s finally back to me, myself and Iris.

It’s back to handling and managing things on my own. I like the fact that I cooked dinner tonight, the day before yesterday and the day before that. I’m getting more conscious than usual of what I eat and how much I spend. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing though but then I must. I looked at my face and I see a dull complexion and I know no matter how good a product I use but if my body is full of toxin, it won’t help.

When I look at my bank account and my credit card statement, I know I must continue to stick to my budgeting every month to know where my money goes to.

Eating healthy and staying healthy is not a very easy thing to do. Why I’m saying this is because it takes time, effort and discipline and it’s harder when you get too busy, you get so engrossed with whatever you do, but to eat and stay healthy. I would say I’m lazy because I need to talk myself into just go to the fridge and cut myself an apple to eat…and sometimes it just never happens.

I need to be reminded…say maybe to place an apple at my face so that I remember.

Like how I’m placing my yoga mat on the floor next to my bed so that each time I wake up or before I go to sleep, I will surely see the yoga mat and I would get onto it and do my stretches and crunches. On Friday night, I was feeling a bit lonely, a bit depressed for no reason and so I get onto the yoga mat and just followed what my little “6-minute morning workout” book says. I didn’t realise it was an hour when I was done. From 6 minutes to 60 minutes, I’m so happy with myself because I wasn’t timing myself and I wasn’t looking at the clock. I just wanted to stretch until I’m satisfied like how you won’t switch on the alarm clock on a weekend and allow yourself to sleep till you think it’s time to wake up. I sweat a bit and I like smelling my shirt that has the sweaty smell. It just feels like the bad and dirty stuff is out of me even though it’s just a bit.

One thing about stretching is I like the little pain feeling you get when you stretch and work out  the muscles and also the improved flexibility days after days you practise stretching. I like it that I find myself stretching a little bit further today as compared to yesterday. And I know if I continue with those stretching exercises, I can only get better.

I have this sudden goal and that is to be a lady. Not that I’m a man now but I would like to be a fine lady. A lady who cooks well, performs well at work, organised, grooms well, learns something new each day and tries to improve herself constantly.

I’ve been very quiet lately, especially at work. Sometimes I don’t know where I placed my mind. Sometimes I think too long to give a response. I feel like I’m creeping back into my shell again when I know I can speak up, speak a little louder but a part of me just refuses to. I hope it’s just a phase.

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