Abundance of Water

Mummy has been telling me it has been raining heavily for 2 days but I didn’t know how bad it was until I got home. When we departed from LCCT, it was raining. When I landed at Sandakan airport, it was raining too. And since then, it has been raining ever since so I’ve not seen the sun since I came back.

Reading the news, looking at photos makes me feel a little sad. I’ve not seen my hometown this way before. The amount of rain has caused floods, landslides, and lives of a few. Was without water supply for 2 days already and with that, we had to implement our contingency plan like we always do when there is no water supply. Luckily there’s rain for us to store water and we have been using rain water for toilet flushing. I’m glad that the electricity at my housing area is fine. It’s quite a norm thing here to always have no electricity or water or both at the same time. It has gotten better now compared to years before but I think it can still be improved.

Have mostly been staying at home, unless when we need to go out for meals. Hoping for better weather for days to come. At least, I hope to see the sun shining on Chinese New Year day.

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