I was very pleased with my cooking progress last week. I cooked 4 out of the 5 weekdays. Tried new recipes. Yes, it amazes me too. This week…I kinda gotten lazy because I’ve got too much things on my mind to actually have the time to think and plan of what to cook.

Been sick the past two days too.

I’m back into my worried and panic mode again. Mummy’s coming soon and knowing her, I got to make sure the house is in tip-top condition when she arrives. Come to think of it, I only have tomorrow night. HAHA!!! I think I can do with vacuum, mop, quick toilet clean, quick hiding things behind cupboards. I used to really hate cleaning because I just think cleaning the house takes a LONG time. I used to dislike cleaning because I think cleaning kills my brain cells. Now that I’ve done it almost every week, the most once fortnightly, it is becoming a routine and I’m getting faster at doing it.

I’m excited that Mummy is coming but at the same time feel stressed. πŸ˜€


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