So Near Yet So Far

I went for another dental appointment today. I was expecting the dentist to fix the retainer for me but there’s still a little gap so this is the final visit before I get my retainers done. I can’t believe it has been 2 years and 11 months…so this braces journey is definitely going to take me 3 years. That’s double the duration my dentist had expected when I first wore braces.

It is so fixed to me that it has become part of my life. Really..if it has been with me for almost 3 years…I think I’m going to feel a bit not used to it without the braces. I was thinking I could show my beautiful set of teeth during the upcoming annual dinner….but it looks like I’m going to just bear with it for a little while more.

My next dental appointment is in 17 said this is the last already. He said sorry for taking so long…but I’m so immuned to it, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’d rather wait a little longer than to have my teeth not ready.

It’s going to be a milestone…and I’ll tell you more about it…what it’s like to be brace-less after so long, when I’m there.

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