Popping Honey

Weird but true.

Sister was looking for some honey to soothe her throat and cough. Asked me which one she should take. I said she can either take the one I’ve been taking or the new bottle that says “Durian Honey”. Not because the honey is durian flavoured but because the bees/honey are from a durian tree.

She tried opening the bottle cap and it popped really loudly and then screwed it back.

She went back to the room and I was on the phone with Mum.

Suddenly she was just shouting in the kitchen and I came to the rescue.

“I don’t know what honey is this!! Crazy honey!!! LOOK!”, pointing to the ceiling.

I see signs of honey plastered on the ceiling, floor and table and honey still kept flowing from the bottle and thought…wow amazing. The bottle cap actually came out on its own, probably too much pressure from below. Hence, hitting the ceiling.

I was still on the phone and Mummy told me the honey is still fermenting.


So I poured half of the bottle into another container and mopped the kitchen floor and ceiling.

Not knowing if it will still pop, I poured it into another container and then covered the two containers with the rice cooker. I hope rice cooker is strong enough to prevent another disaster, if that happens.

There goes my honey story…

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