Planning a Holiday

I’ve been staying up really really late for the past few nights to plan an itinerary from scratch, researching and referencing other itineraries I can find on the Internet, personalised and customised it to suit my family’s needs.

With a relatively short amount of time as compared to what a normal itinerary would take and that the travel date is approaching, it doubles the stress. Because I have so many places that I want to go but I cannot be that greedy because it’s just not going to fit into the short time that we have. I’m only choosing the “must-do” and “must-see” and that itself is also difficult because there are too many “must-do”and “must-see”. ARGH!!!

I’ve been going in circles for days already into which place I should go, what time it starts/end, how one activity/place connects to the other. I’ve finally completed the rough overview, with some details of the places I really want to go and which cost a bomb. But because I think I’m going there once so I might as well just spend and go.

I have 3 hotels booked already for a period of one week since we’ll be moving around to one town to another. There is another hotel that I need to book but my brains are not working anymore so I’m going to do that tomorrow. It just feels like I’ve been looking at all the hotels that are available in that city/town. Reading reviews…comparing rates. Mind-numbing. Booked two domestic flights. Booked one cave tour. Booked a half day excursion. These were tough decisions, I hesitated for a long time before hitting the “purchase” button online. My credit cards are already hitting the limit….but thank God that it’s claimable. (ha!)

I hope the weather will be fine. Not too cold.

I hope everything goes as planned.

I hope my choice of accommodation satisfies everyone in the family. It’s a tricky one…must be comfortable but cannot too expensive. If it’s just me, maybe I could just do with basic but good.

The major ones are done…so now I got to break it down in details. How long each place would take, which attractions to connect to, where to eat (oh my god..).

My Raya holidays are spent on planning and there wasn’t a single house that I visit. That is so sad. Worked one day of the three public holidays I was entitled to. Tendered my resignation..which turned out to be a little draining…so much so that I’m not really tuned in into being excited about a new phase and the change that would involved. There will be lots of answering to be done next week.

My mind is just a little tired to really feel happy or excited or sad. I’m just TIRED!!! and trying very hard to stay afloat around the many things that are happening….which is the reason why I told myself that I’m going to book everything today…hotels, flights so that I can have a peace of mind tomorrow.

It’s bedtime.

No matter how tired I feel right now, I’m still grateful for the opportunities that I have in hand. To go for this holiday and to have a better job offer.

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