I really really hate the aircon at work because it’s just too freaking cold. I was seen stuffing my nose with tissue throughout the whole day because of the coldness. Everyday I look forward to 5:30pm when I get just room temperature when the aircon goes off. And you know how when you’re suffering from flu, you just feel soooo sleepy.

I had tons to do so I just marched on.

Stayed back a bit after that because I wanted to wait for my sister for dinner. The same happened last night but it didn’t materialise as she was caught up with work at the last minute. I ended up having oats for dinner because I couldn’t think of anything edible to be cooked at that time and too lazy to go out with no company.

Today I was happily walking to the car park to have dinner with her, only to be informed that she couldn’t make it again tonight. I wasn’t going to make myself eat oats again or instant noodles for that matter so I went to eat at the food court alone. I wanted something hot and soupy because it has been a cold day for me. Settled for Korean food because the other stalls didn’t look appetising to me.

The lady who attended to me was a Korean and I so wanted to converse in Korean with her but then by the time I wanted to think of how I should make up a sentence, I couldn’t think of one. I know how to say the name of the food, how many, but I just didn’t know how to link those words together to actually say a proper sentence in that instance. I ended up speaking in English.

Anyway, after I finished eating and still not feeling very pleased with my inability, I went up to the same lady who was still at the cashier and said, “안녕히 계세요”, which means goodbye (Selamat Tinggal). I just wanted to connect to her you see? She replied, “네, 안녕히 가세요” Goodbye (Selamat Jalan).

I was beaming to myself.

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