The Dog

A friend sent me something on Horoscope for Year 2006. I’m born in the year 1982 and I’m very proud of that because it’s a wonderful year to be born in. Just look how wonderful I am. (*You can start throwing eggs at me*)

And so it says:

The Dog has the sense of responsibility and very loyal to the boss. For now, yes.

The female is most loyal to the husband and dotes on the children. I don’t know because I’m not married, therefore do not have any children unless you consider Ducky one.

Due to environmental influence, their dedicated character is ever changing. They are quiet with slight stubbornness. Mum says I’m stubborn.

The Dog’s strong point lies in their careful thinking and fights steadily. Therefore, very often, they can evade the crisis and move towards the successful path. I think I think too much. I hope the latter part is true that I’m moving towards the successful path.

They are enterprising business minded. But there will be risk involved if the sprint is too great as he is not careful enough to notice the risk around him.Are you sure I’m business minded?

Most Dogs are loyal, honest and have a sense of duty. Need I say more?

Their sense of responsibility is very heavy and has a lot of friends.That’s you!

In the Dog’s life, luck has always been good. It is due to a fact that they cannot recognize their strong and weak points that causes a slow response and leading to a late success. Yes, they can be rather blur and stupid at times.

In love aspect, whether it is male or female, they are always firm and faithful. Once falling in love with opposite party, they do not break faith. This one must ask my boyfriend.

In the beginning, if he/she discovers that they are not suitable for each other, he/she will stop the relationship.That is why I have broken up 4 times previously and I hope the number just stops there.

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