About Thinking and Quitting

Went to meet up with a Business Consultant today. It was actually Pappy’s order for me to meet this guy because he invested in some business and I would be the one managing it together with my sister and a very important person in my life. I’m a total idiot when it comes to business but I will try this one because I always believe in Pappy. In fact, I should be thankful that he’s doing all this for me, my sister, and a very important person in my life.

Whenever Pappy has the chance, he would encourage us to go into business. He’s an example of a person who quitted his stable job and started up business on his own, in a place farway from his home (Pappy is from Muar, Johor) with practically nothing but courage and a wife that supports him.

Looking at how things are now, I see Pappy as very capable. He is my superman, fulltime advisor, part-time ATM (He would help to top up my Touch N’ Go card and fill my car with full tank of petrol when he feels like it) and a wonderful guardian.

So, I’ll try this and see whether it would be a success.

Apart from that, I’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking. Went to fight at the gym. Then, do more thinking, thinking, thinking.

I’ve got this plan that has been playing around in my mind for a few days already and I think it’s a sign that I need to do something about it. Really do something about it.

I might plan to resign earlier, maybe even before I get another new job if it is going to take awhile. The truth is I can say I cannot take it anymore, if not this just wouldn’t come playing in my mind for no apparent reason. If there’s still a gap in between after I quit and before I move on to a new job, I’ll take it as a break.

The very important person in my life says, “Just quit!”. Actually, he has been saying this much earlier to me but I have not taken any action yet. He even predicted that I might not quit this job that early as I’ve planned because he said he understands me, which is true in a way. Sometimes, it’s just so hard for me to just do one thing because I think too much.

Iris says she is not too sure and it is entirely up to me because I am the one making the decision and I should know whether it’s right or wrong.

A friend said, “Why are you forcing yourself to like your job?”

Another said, “Life is too short.”

So now I’m going to tell Mummy about it and see what she says. I expect her to say, “Really cannot already ar?” And then I’ll start with my stories again.

See the amount of assurance I need from all parties?

Then, I would need to seek advise from my fulltime advisor by writing him an email and see what he has to say. I hinted to him that I’m starting to look for a job when he called me just now.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m updating my resume.”

“And send it to where?”


He laughed.

Besides the resume, I would need to learn how to write a resignation letter. I have never written one. Love letters I can write but not resignation letter. It’s all about writing so I”ll just look for some sample and customize it.

It’s time to wake up from dreamland to face the realities of life tomorrow again when I start to work.

Chinese New Year, can you please come quicker?


  • crazypoogle says:

    Took me a while to find the comment link. “Really cannot already ar?” This is quite funny. hehe. Dunno lah, if you think the current one is not taking you where you want to be, perhaps it’s time to look somewhere else. But be sure to give a good thought about your next one. I like the idea chess strategy: every move must serve a purpose. Good luck!

  • crazypoogle says:

    *the idea of chess strategy

  • Grace says:

    crazypoogle: Congrats! You found the comment link. Haha!

    “Really cannot already ar?” Mum would say that because she thinks I’m paid to be treated that way by difficult and abusive customers because I’m paid by the company to serve them. Quite true but I don’t like the sound of it.

    The current one is definitely not taking me anywhere unless I’m really passionate about being in Customer Service for a long time which isn’t the case.

    I just hope to make the right move this time and stop being bitter about it.

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