Woke up at 2:30am to find that it’s that time of the month again. It’s fantastic how I can wake up at such odd hours. But it was good or else it would be quite a scene in the morning if I had just sleep through the night. It takes a lady to understand what I’m talking about in this first paragraph.

Went to work and applied for Chinese New Year leave. 4.5 days carried forward from last year. Took 2 days off this year’s annual leave. Total 6.5 days taken. All approved! Yippie!! I better enjoy to the maximum when I fly home this time.

Training on new phone system. We’re using Cisco. It’s quite cool.

“Grace, kenapa suara kamu semacam? Sakit ke?”

“Saya sakit kerongkong.”

“Oh, patutlah, suara kamu lain.”

I didn’t mention it but I took sick leave yesterday to see the doctor to get rid of my sorethroat.

“What is wrong with your company?”

“Work with your company can die eh!”

“I want it NOWWW!!!”

Today is quite a “sakit hati” day but I just let it pass. Today’s a day I allow customers to scold, rant and complain without me explaining much because my throat is still a little sore and I didn’t feel like fighting today. I can expect a harsher Monday though.

More training on new phone system, this time only for our department. It’s going to be different. No more direct lines for us, which means my favourite customers won’t be getting me directly anymore. If they are lucky, I will be serving them. Else, not.

We are measurable now, which can be both good and bad but I’m starting to feel like everything is being controlled to a certain extent that there is lesser freedom because they could even track how long your break is, that is the time you use to go to the toilet, go to the pantry, go for lunch and stuff like that. All conversations are recorded. All incoming calls are recorded. Missed calls. Dropped calls. Even outgoing calls, so no more calling your boyfriend using the company’s phone because firstly, they could trace it from the number. Secondly, all conversations are recorded, you wouldn’t like someone else to listen to your lovey-dovey stuff.

Couldn’t fight at the gym today because I didn’t have the usual energy level stored. I walked on the treadmill instead of running. Managed to work out on the cross trainer as usual. Cycled but it was slower and the more I cycled, the more I yawned. Didn’t sweat enough so it wasn’t fun enough but I was tired. Maybe because I’m on medication and it’s that time of the month.

But what I like about all this gym sessions is that my menstrual pain has disappeared and I’m really happy with that because when I have one, it’s really painful. Therefore, this is another point to motivate me to exercise more.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

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