Working Blues

Pappy replied the email I sent to him about the terrible day I had just a few days ago.

It was entitled, “Working Blues”.

Pappy, like Mummy, would always tell me that since I’m being paid to do my job, I should just do it, nevermind the bitterness that comes with the package. Pappy would say, working life is like that.

So, it makes me wonder whether I’m weak or not strong enough, therefore unable to turn terrible things that happened into positive challenges. Or, it’s just a period of transition from studying life to working life so there need be a time where adjustment would come into the picture (it has been 10 months and I’m still adjusting?) Since both worlds vary, I’m just not accepting the fact that it’s tougher when you come out to work. Or, that my parents come from very poor families and have gone through many hardships (I am sure it would be ten times worse than what I’m going through now) that they think I ought to just hang in there.

Or, maybe they just want me to feel better.

Whatever it is, I will just hang in there while looking for better opportunities. I’ve said this for a thousandth times, I know.

It’s not the job that I can’t do but the emotional torture I go through most of the days.

I’m okay when it comes to weekend. Maybe that’s why weekend exists. To allow us to breathe and perform some sanity check.


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