CNY Day 5: Sentimental Moments

When I’m back home, it’s like keeping memories alive again.

You have no idea how by just looking at one fruit like guava brings me back to the time when a love blossomed during my holidays in Sandakan a few years back. He’s no longer my love now but a friend.

I’ve been inviting him over to my house every Chinese New Year but he hasn’t turn up for 2 years or so. Expecting that he wouldn’t be coming this year, I didn’t invite him. But guess what? He came. He was calling a friend who was already in my house and that friend passed the phone to me so it was only courtesy to invite him over. That was how he came.

We talked normally. No feelings of hatred or whatsoever. Something that I’ve tried to overcome for so long, after all the arguments, fights and misunderstandings. We broke up twice. He dumped me once and I dumped him once. Young people, they like to dump one another.

I like the way it is now because it’s fact that we cannot be lovers but only friends. Each time we talk, we fight when there isn’t really anything to fight about. So no matter how much you love a person but the communication just doesn’t seem to flow, it’s only wise to step back and make peace with one another.

So, that’s basically what I’ve been doing in the afternoon, reminiscing the past.

After that, I went out with my family to have dinner. Lou sang! It was good! And then, ended the night by hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends at QQ Ice, a place that serves bubble tea. My thirst of going to favourite places is slowly being fulfilled, this is one of it because I used to hang out here with my schoolmates too. See? It’s all about memories.

The days I’m here is getting shorter and shorter. I’m preparing myself to go back to KL. Thinking about going to work is already killing half of my motivation and enthusiasm but I’ll keep myself alive by looking out for opportunities. It is only the mind that makes things scarier. At the mean time, I’ll savour the time I have here.

You have a good day too!

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