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Questions and Answers
Aside from the questions that I get on the phone, I get it from a few more others now. Sometimes I don’t know where I get my patience from when the same people would ask me the same question over and over again. I don’t know whether they are not putting any effort into remembering things or it’s just too hard to remember what to do. I guess tomorrow I would be seeing the same face again, asking me the same question. And again, I would have to answer
with unlimited patience.

The Guy
Remember that someone who wrote me a very annoying email which I replied nicely? He called me on my direct line today.

“I’m Mr.N.”

“Hello, Mr.N.”

“Do you know me?”

“Oh, you’re the one from xxx department.”

“Oh, so you know me?” He sounded like he’s so handsome, everyone should know him. Aleh.

“I don’t know you. I only know your name.”

“Oh, that’s a very good first move.” I’m not flattered.

Then, what did he want? He wanted a favour from me. So the moral of the story is, always be nice to people, you never know when you’re gonna need help from them.

The Standing Fan
Since there are more people in the office. New staff, old staff. The place is getting warmer so there stands a fan that is doing a very good job in cooling us down. But, I find it somewhat irritating because of its position. Whenever I make my way out from my desk, I would definitely need to pass through it and each time I do that, the fan would blow my coolness away. My hair is blown is such a way that I looked more stressed than I should which eventually causes more stress.

I can’t turn down that fan because everyone else feels warm so tomorrow and the days to come, I’ll be blown.

I sneaked out for lunch earlier than my usual 1 pm. A colleague asked me to tag along with them. It was so tempting because I’ve never had lunch with a such big group of colleagues for such a long time already. Seeing that there are still others manning the department, I sneaked out, well, couldn’t really say I sneaked because Mr.Boss was next to me when I just walked off.

I know if I ask him, he would joke and say I can’t go out and so I didn’t ask. I just prayed that he wouldn’t mind, at least for this one time. Yeah, I sound desparate now.

It was a good lunch because I was laughing.

Mr.Run Bun
“Grace, you have to help me!”

“Who is this on the line?”

“I’m E. Look at this line. Why is it updated as “Mr.Run Bun”? Where got such a name?”

She laughed and I laughed too because Run Bun sounds so funny. Sounded a bit like Run, Bunny. Run!

“It’s supposed to be Mr.Ryan Bun. Not Run Bun.”

“Okay okay, Run Bun no more.”

Then, this customer sounded like she’s short of breath, telling me that she wants certain words to be inserted into her document.

She wanted words like “Airport”, “Airspace”, “Aircraft”.

“Cik, container kamu ni naik kapal, bukan kapal terbang. Jadi, kita tak boleh masukkan perkataan “Airport”, “Airspace” dengan “Aircraft”. Yang kita boleh masukkan ialah “Port”, “Territorial Waters” dengan “Vessel”. ”

“Saya tahu bukan naik kapal terbang tapi saya nak juga!”

How to talk to people like that? I repeated myself for 3 times. I gave up, told her I will check, knowing that it’s not going to be possible but I still had to check for the impossible, just to let her know that I’ve gone through all territorial waters and airspace to get her an answer, which says, “No.” I will break the news to her with an aircraft tomorrow.

Your Eyes
In the lift when we left the office.

“Yerrrrrr!! Why your eyes like that one?”

“Like what?”

“So big.”

“So big the eye bags!”

“I’m tired lor.”

“When I’m very tired, it looks bigger lor.”

I know I looked very tired today because there were just so many problems and I had to walk in and out for so many times I think I wouldn’t need to go to the gym anymore. Weird stuff are happening again and I’ve got to uncover the mystery.

I was feeling so sleepy. I was sleep walking on the treadmill. Well, I only exercised for about half an hour because that’s really the most I could do. I was still thinking about Run Bun when I ran slowly on the treadmill.

I can just smell the problems I’m going to get tomorrow. The unsolved mysteries, the colleagues that are going to ask me the same questions again, the customer who wants to be in “airspace” and etc.

Till then, I need some beauty sleep.

Run Bun.

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