Purple Gracie

Considering how charming, caring and kind you are, you dislike unpleasant scenes, much less creating one yourself. You have great tolerance and rarely get provoked into losing your temper. If someone is unreasonable or trying to create trouble, you are more likely to walk away quietly. But that does not mean you do not have a temper. When angry, in your effort to control your emotions, you tremble, your hands get sweaty and sometimes you fumble for words. Tears roll down your eyes easily and the opponent is touched by your innocence and will seek an apology immediately.

I wore a purple top today. This new top has been hanging around in the wardrobe for a year now. I bought it when I just started working but it’s only today that it finally get to see the world. Yup, I like the way I look today too.

A colleague left us today. *sob sob*

And another one is leaving next week.

A few has indicated the intention to leave as well. It’s all written on their faces. They are so stressed up, with too much to do and no appreciation or whatsoever from their boss. It’s like even though they are trying their utmost best, it still looks like it’s not good enough. The scene in the office now is you see a very patient and sweet-natured girl, typing away loudly, banging at every key on the keyboard to get things done. Me, the quiet one, is getting more verbal because there is no more space in store for shitty customers.

A new girl asked me what it is like. I said you just got to take the whole thing in but at the end of the day, you would need to let it out so that it doesn’t get accumulated.

“Grace, but how to you let it out? Do you go back home and scream?”

I didn’t know how to answer her because I don’t really know how I let it out. Sometimes I’m still amazed myself of how I could take it all in and never let it out and still surviving. I do write here but there are many things that I couldn’t write about.

“I want to speak to N.”

“I’m sorry but she’s engaged on the other line.”

“I want to speak to J.”

“He is engaged too.”

“I want to speak to S.”

“She is engaged as well.”

“I want to speak to E”.

“May I know who’s this on the line?”

“I want to speak to E.”

“May I know who’s this on the line? I need to know your name before I transfer you to her.”

Very reluctantly, she spitted out her company name.

Very reluctantly, I transferred the call to E.

This customer is 1000 times worse than Ms.Scream. She once said, “If I tell you my name, I know the other person wouldn’t want to talk to me.”

If you know the other person wouldn’t want to talk to you if you tell your name because you’re so rude, obviously you need to do something about it, being a little polite doesn’t kill.

The customers are getting so wild, they are calling in to claim that they are one of our colleague’s friend when they are not. Imposing as an internal staff from a different branch when they are not. It is so bad that when a valid person, the wife of a colleague called the office today, we had to ask her a few more questions before the line was transferred to her husband.

I’ll be in tomorrow to save the day. Tomorrow would be a milestone for me because officially I’m one year into the job.

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  • piggy says:

    Congrats! You finally lasted at the wretched place for a year. Hope your stress will reduce instead of increase til you hop over to a new job =D

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