Time Out

I’ve been writing, deleting, writing again and deleting again the things I want to write for this entry, reflecting how I really feel right now. Confused and uncertain.

It’s not a very good day nor has been a very bad day.

Sometimes life just decides to give you a little more extra to think about. I just need to take time out and re-evaluate certain things and feelings I’m going through right now. I don’t like what I’m feeling now. Been there, done that but when it happens again, it does not get less disturbing.

I wonder why I’m always in this cycle even when I choose not to have it happen.

You meet someone new. You fall in love. You get along well together. But somehow somewhere along the road, something just has got to happen when you least expect it. You get to listen to unpleasant words. From then on, things are just not the same anymore. Your feelings start to change, which can be really scary. Next, you are pressed for an answer, a decision, Yes or No but often made complicated with so many feelings running inside your heart.

Why can’t it be right for once?


  • pelf says:

    It’s not that it “can’t be right for once.” Maybe it is just not time yet *hugs*

  • piggy says:

    Just like what pelf said, maybe it’s not time yet. Try not to think too much and go with the flow of things. You’ll eventually find the answers and things falling into place as it should.

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