Scream for Ice Cream

She was walking pass. I was sitting at my desk.

When our eyes met, we stared at each other for a few seconds before we burst out in laughter.

We didn’t have to say anything because we know how each other felt.

Another crazy day at work.

I came back home after standing for 45 minutes at the entrance of the building for the rain to stop and another hour to drive back home.

In the car…

“I wonder what will happen if one day Grace screams.”

“You think can meh? Tiada harapan lah.”

“The ones that always call for Grace sound so soft.”

“Eh….No! Sometimes the ones looking for Grace are the meanest customers because she can handle them. I can’t because my tone would change.”

I only listened. I don’t know why people are so curious and excited to see me scream one day. I just hope I don’t come to that day.

Then, I’ve come to realise that the meanest words aren’t the ones coming from the customers, people that I’ve never met in person. They may sound mean but it will somehow go away. It’s the ones coming from the people you care about.


  • pelf says:

    My former roommate couldn’t or didn’t know how to scream, and I remember I used to “teach her how to scream.” We would practise screaming in our hostel room and the next day our neighbour would ask what we were doing the last night 🙂

  • Grace says:

    pelf: That’s funny! 🙂 I don’t scream when others are around. I would scream when I’m alone. It can be in the car, when I’m alone at home. Haven’t got anyone that I could scream with yet!

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