Malay Proverbs

Pappy wrote in his email to me:

“BUNGA BUKAN SEKUNTUM, LALAT BUKAN SEEKOR” Why lalat? When I thought it’s supposed to be kumbang? Oh, nevermind.

He wrote some more:

I don’t know where he got this. Not the first time I’m hearing it either. Each time he says it, it never cease to make me laugh!


  • Siah says:

    Your dad knows how to use email. Mine doesn’t know what’s the difference between email and hotmail. 🙁

    Your daddy is right!!! Kudos uncle for such a good line!

  • charlene says:

    Ya…this is not my first time hearing it either. Read this proverb from your gracie0709 last year if not mistaken, right?

  • pelf says:

    *wow* Your Dad is COOL 🙂

  • tim says:

    I think its supposed to be kumbang. 🙂

  • piggy says:

    Your dad is spot on with his proverbs! I’ve always rather used the word ‘lalat’ than ‘kumbang’, hehe…don’t ask me why though!

  • Grace says:

    Siah: He always shows off to my mum. My mum would come asking me to teach her how to use the computer and email after that.

    charlene: Yup, but the last time he said it, it was kumbang. This time, it’s lalat!

    pelf: I think so too!

    tim: kumbang it is.

    piggy: Why? keke

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