The Great Pretender

I feel so bored at work now. I get tired very easily even though I have nothing much to do. I feel restless too.

40 calls that I get is equivalent to 20 or less because the calls that I get now can be quite simple and straightforward.

“When is it arriving?” I get this question everyday without fail.

I still double check the systems even though I know which day it is arriving before I tell the customers.

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to spend my days at work just answering to those questions. If it has not make me feel like an answering machine previously, it is making me feel like one now.

At the end of the day, I come back home to be entertained by my mother.

Yeap, she’s here!

I played this on Winamp and we sang together. I amplified my voice when it came to the “ooh ooh” part.

Oh yes I’m the great pretender (ooh ooh)
Pretending that I’m doing well (ooh ooh)
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m lonely but no one can tell


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