My Call is not Important to you!

I love the Monday today because tomorrow is a holiday! I was answering calls so happily while seeing the clock ticking away.

Wore a new shirt and I felt great. There’s just something about dressing nicely and feeling good. You walk around confidently too!

The bomb came when a customer shouted on the phone. She exclaimed, “MY CALL IS NOT IMPORTANT TO YOU!!” No hello. No nothing. I was stunned for a while before I knew why she said that.

It’s the voice message that keeps repeating if all the agents are busy. “Your call is important to us. Please hold while someone attends to you.”

I apologised to her and tried to win her heart again. She seemed okay after that.

I got to know a very nice colleague today. I was being bounced from one department to another internally to get answers to a question. Certainly not something I like being stuck in but I had no choice but to be bounced till I got hold of the correct party. I tried my luck to ask people that I think would be able to help me until a girl referred me to someone. She’s the quietest girl in the office but she’s very informative and knowledgable. She will always share with you when being asked. Better than those who talk so much but know nothing.

After that, I made a call and I wanted to look for a lady but a guy answered the phone and he asked me what I want. I told him but he sounded like he was unsure but was willing to check it out for me. That’s what I like to see in people too, trying even though they are not too sure. Helping when it’s not really their job.

“Grace, let me check and I’ll get back to you in half an hour’s time.”

And he did. My questions are all answered. Submitted my report and I wrote, “Dear Z, Thank you so much. You’re very kind.”

I hope to meet him in person next time.

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