It’s good to know that I can talk to a friend until 3 am at the nearby mamak because I have not done that for so long.

Woke up this morning to catch a bus to Petaling Street. Mummy wanted to buy chicken from the wet market there and I still can’t figure why she wants to go all the way there just to get chickens. I stood there seeing the man holding the neck of the hen while it shrieked with all its might. The knife drew closer to its neck and it was then that I moved our eyes away. Bye bye hen. Hello chicken.

Mum bought 3 heavy chickens in which Iris and I took turns to carry it while we made our way back to Kota Raya to get another bus back home. I haven’t been on a bus for so long already. It reminds me of my muscle-building days, where the bus will always be jam-packed with people and I will be standing with a bag hanging on my shoulder, left arm with library books (they sure are heavy!), right arm holding on tight to the pole (the bus sure swings like mad at times)

Those days were smelly, sweaty and fun!


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