When Love And Hate Collide

It’s the Wednesday blues. I know there’s no such a thing because there would only be Monday blues but today is indeed a blue one for me. Working after a public holiday is not nice at all.

Problems. I get so many. I don’t know how to solve them all but I push myself to solve them. There is such a time when no matter how best you try to solve one, it will still never be perfect. Customer will hate me. Well, but it’s still better than not trying at all.

Then, a customer called and I had to tell her I’ll be able to handle her case since the person in charge is on leave. Someone has got to help her so knowing that it’s like committing suicide, I said yes. My name was called when the customer came and I had to walk out to the counter and pretend like I know what to do. I walked back in and was saying “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” repeatedly along the walkway that only I was walking. I asked for someone’s help and she was so nice, she helped me.

I walked back out again this time, saying “Oh man. Oh man. Oh man” repeatedly till I saw people. I cannot scold the customers on the phone no matter how dumb they can be and one colleague that certainly drove me crazy for the first half of the day so the only way to detoxify myself is by talking to myself while I was on the walkway where no one can hear me.

If there’s any day that I feel like killing someone, it’s today!

Tomorrow is definitely not going to be any better but I think I can still run another mile.

After work, went to the gym to work out. I joined a class today and so the amount of sweat is more. I just love it at the end of it when you get to smell your sweat. So smelly but so nice. The cool down song played was Def Leppard’s “When Love and Hate Collide” which made me feel so much better because I like this song a lot.

Came home to be served with yummy food. The rendang. The sambal. The steamed fish. The sayur bayam. The soup. I got to savour the moment because starting from next week, I will not be coming back with such servings anymore.

And while writing this, I’m eating “Hello Panda”. The Japanese biscuit with chocolate coated inside. It makes me happy just eating it.

Without you
One night alone is like a year without you baby
Do you have a heart of stone
Without you
Can’t stop the hurt inside
When love and hate collide

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