Freaky Friday

Today is not a really good day at work.

It’s like I’ve just climbed a mountain, swam across a mighty ocean and yet a few are still left unsolved. And I had to leave it as it is because my colleague is driving me home today so I couldn’t stay back even though I really wanted to.

I left the office feeling so suffocated. Heart beating not correctly.

My colleague dropped me off and I walked back home. There was this little boy walking the opposite direction with his mother I guess walking behind him. The little boy was looking at me, stretched his hands forward and tangled them together, gave me this shy smile while looking at me then looking down to the ground then looking at me, smiling again. I don’t even know him but he smiled like I’m his friend. Sedap hati aku.

I came home to tell Mummy, “Die, die, die.”

Mummy said, “I’ll go with you to work tomorrow. I’ll sit down with you and we do it together.”

See lah? My mum. But it did make me feel better.

Monday is not going to be a good day, it’s going to be a continuation of today. So, I must rock hard this weekend!

You must too!

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