I drove for one hour and 15 minutes today. Thanks to the road closure at NKVE. It was hell even before the Subang toll. A standstill. &*(((@&$&#$($&#(!!!

There was a power maintenance in the office which was scheduled to last only for half an hour. But what happened was, it took a long 3 hours.

Nobody in the office was doing any work. Not that we don’t want to but we can’t. I don’t know why they need to do it during office hours but this is like too dramatic already. 3 hours without answering any calls. No replying of emails.

Enjoying as we could even knowing how mad the customers can be when they call once the system is up.

Everyone had lunch at the same time since we could do nothing. Then, we talked. It’s nice to listen to stories because these people here, they have so much to tell, you won’t get bored.

With everyone sharing their stories, you feel like you’re not the only one. We have so many newbies and freshies who join the organization and they seem like they are happy with where they are and with what they do. But if you look beyond the surface, everyone is yearning to do something different, to go back to their own field.

I always get the same question wherever I go and the same reaction when I answer them. Sometimes they don’t ask anymore because they already know from someone else.

“Grace, I heard that you graduated with a degree in IT.”

“Yes. Then what brought you here?”

My standard reply would be, “This is the first offer that I got so I just thought of trying it out. But I would one day like to go back to do what I’m supposed to do.”

Then, another commented, “I want to go back to do Engineering too.”

Then, another said, “I want to go back to do what I’ve studied too.”

Then, they were talking about their boyfriends and I listened. Don’t expect me to even start because I don’t have one now. And don’t even expect me to announce to everyone that I have broke up.

But I could just smell the question coming. It’s unavoidable and I was very much prepared.

“How’s your boyfriend?”

“I broke up already.”

“You broke up already? I’m sorry. Sorry ah, sorry ah.”

“It’s ok” And I have to say it with a smile to assure her that it’s okay. Because I really am. Sometimes I want to feel like I’m suffering but then I’m just not. I’m okay.

Then, another manager came and we joined in the conversation and they were talking about marriages and stuff like that. Ya, now you know what girls like to talk about.

“I believe all 4 of you are not married yet.”

We nodded our heads.

“Any boyfriend?” She looked at me. Aku yang kena lagi.

“Broke up already.”

Then, in came an awkward silence which made me feel so uncomfortable because I think they thought I’m not okay or something so they didn’t really know what to say.

Then, the manager said, “Don’t worry. There are many fishes out there.” I’ve heard this for the don’t know how many timeth. Why do they call it fish? Why not rabbits? Why not penguins?

Why fish? Do you know?


  • pelf says:

    Fish, IMHO, because there are plenty of them in the seas of the world. Because they will never, praise God, become extinct.

    Not penguins, because there are already quite few left on the planet, and they are only found in the Antarctic..

    Hhahah, come on, humour me and laugh 🙂

  • Grace says:

    pelf: Good one, pelf. 🙂

  • Number_6 says:

    Gracie.. i think i know why they called it Fish..!

    Do u know that 70.8 % of earth r covered by water and fishes are the main creature living in the water. My reasoning might be weird but it is true…check it out..

    A fish is a poikilothermic (cold-blooded..hehehe) water-dwelling vertebrate. There are over 29,000 species of fish in this world.

    By the way, Pengiuns only live at the southern hemisphere of the earth.And although you can find rabbit almost everywhere, but still if one compare the population of Fish and Rabbit, the scale of fish population is far bigger compared to the rabbits… And furthermore, the evidence to support that statement is that is everyday fishermen went to the sea to catch fishes and almost everyone in this world had at least a fish a day for their meal and till now they still don’t extinct…hehehe.. Just imagine if we eat rabbits like how we eat fish… im sure they will extinct in no time..!!

    So in my opinion, When they say there are many fishes out there, he seems to suggest that Boys/Men r everywhere..!! Among many many boys/men out here in this whole wide world sure there is one that will suit u one ler..

  • Number_6 says:

    Wei Gracie…

    By the way, you can find “Fillet O Fish” in every McD in the world …but not “Bunny O Burger” or “Pingu O Fillet”… *wink*

  • fishtail says:

    In those days when things were not so ‘liberal’, one had to really make an effort to look for a BF or GF. The idea was that they (BF or GF) were all there (just like fishes, see?) and all one needs is a bit of luck and you get a bite. Rabbits are hiding or sleeping and penguins are found only in cold places. And because fishes live in ponds with other creatures, there is also the other saying, “If cannot catch fish, catch prawn also can!” PS: sorry about your break-up.

  • Grace says:

    Number_6: Thank you for commenting for the first time in this new blog after the previous time in my old blog. Your “Bunny O Burger” and “Pingu O Fillet” made me laugh! 🙂

    fishtail: No worries. Grace is fine. 🙂

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