• Grace says:

    Drove my parents to Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya today for a reunion of those who graduated from UPM 1974 and 1975. Pappy graduated in 1974. Mummy graduated in 1975. That was where they met each other.

    Pappy went to the library more often to win Mummy’s heart. He really studied hard. Maybe Mummy was his source of motivation.

    Pappy quitted smoking too for the sake of Mummy. Romantik bukan?

    Some of them took turns to introduce themselves. Some haven’t met since they graduated from the university.

    Pappy spoke today too, saying, “Saya Koh dari Sabah. Isteri satu. Anak dua. Let me introduce you to my wife. She’s from batch 75.”

    Mummy stood so that everyone can see her.

    Then Pappy said, “Anak saya juga datang hari ini” and he looked at me. I knew I had to stand too. So I stood and sat down again and Pappy said, “Cantik macam bapa”. They laughed.

    My hati very sedap.

  • Number_6 says:

    Hmm…i agree.. sometimes we r just too lazy to explain the whole story to everyone again & again.

    I like it when people ask me, “What are you studying?” instead of “What are you working as ?”

  • Grace says:

    Number_6: I never like to answer the latter question because some people just don’t know what’s a call centre. Then, I would say Customer Care so that it means I care for the customer. But then they don’t know also. So, I will say Customer Service. Then they will look at me and ask, “So what do you do?”

    I answer the calls and solve their problems.

    Gives me this kind of look like they still don’t know what I’m talking about. Sometimes, makes me want to change my job!!

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