It’s All Coming Back to me Now

Happiness is when you receive your pay slip from your boss, strip it open and stare at the figures. It will be a long time until I get to see the figure I see today. There are times when even if you felt like you’ve worked so hard, your increment is going to be just that. So, you wonder, why work so hard when people the same level and position like you, who don’t work as hard as you are going to be paid the same amount as you do? Worse is the credits goes to them because you know how to “work” but they know how to “talk”.

Whatever it is, I’m still going to work hard because it’s me myself that I’m going to answer at the end of the day.

A customer came to look for me today. As always, I feel very scared to meet people like that, knowing that they would always come to meet me because there are problems. I just didn’t know what the problem was as I on my way to meet him at the reception which made it scarier. Actually, he’s a despatch boy or an office boy coming to meet me because someone told him to.

The part that I hate most came next. I wasn’t able to help him because someone else has not done his part, who wished me “Good luck” on relating the news to the customer. I apologised to the customer and obviously he wasn’t happy and I can understand that.

He asked me to try again. So, I tried again but still he would only be able to get his problem solved by tomorrow, meaning he needs to return tomorrow. Then, he was “expressing” how he feel. Luckily for me that he wasn’t the bad-tempered type, else I dah lama tiada dah.

The thing I’ve discovered is that you get propably 60 requests/ calls in a day and you are expected to remember everything and keep it stored in your cache memory until the next time a customer calls you a week later for the same thing he/she has spoken to you a week before. Sometimes, the customer gets angry because you don’t remember them after they’ve called you 7 days ago. Ridiculous but it happens. The best part is they expect you to remember what happened, what the problem is by recognising their voice. Such high expectations!

They will start to express whatever they want to express, leaving you with no space to ask his/her name. You just have to learn to pick up from the bits and pieces of information thrown at you. If you’re lucky and you still remember, you feel like singing Celine Dion’s “It’s all coming back to me now”.

One thing new I learnt today is about claims and reimbursement. This is not a fun thing to do. But I have one case to settle. I pray that everything will be fine because today I’ve just received a letter from the customer with my name printed on it. I have to “own” it till it gets settled.

That’s basically it.

Dealing with people is never easy.

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