The morning started very well for me.

First, I saw a message my boss sent to me which wrote, “Grace, thank you for the fantastic job done on xxx. Much appreciated.” What excited me was the word “fantastic”! You have no idea how long I stared at that word itself in the email.

Then, I started reading the incoming queue and discovered good news. Something I didn’t put much hope on because knowing that the chances are slim. However, I still tried to put in the request to see if some kind angel would be able to perform some magic to it. And it worked! I called the customer immediately. I think I was feeling even more excited than the customer when I made that call.

“Thank you SO much, Grace!” She said.

Working here is all about speed. Everything moves so fast, there is no time for delay.

Ended the day by transporting 10 smiling balloons back in my car. (Smiling balloons because there were smilies printed on all the balloons.) My colleague just loved the balloons so much that I had to help her to get as many as our hands could take. We had a company function today and hence the balloons.

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