Me and my toilet buddy decided to visit the toilet at the next building because she was saying the toilet at our buiding is dirty.

So, we had to get out of the building and walk to the next one. It feels funny though, to be using another buiding’s toilet. But it’s good to get some fresh air. It’s the first time I’ve ever walked out of the building during office hours.

I like my toilet buddy. She’s very young. Only 18. She’s able to interact with everyone because she’s friendly. I think she’s very pure at heart. She likes to offer some of us food. She knows I like the yellow kacang she buys from the pasar malam.

She doesn’t have much to do in the office because she’s a temp. She would always ask me if there’s any document that she could help to fax out. Knowing that she’s bored, I would at times print out the documents even though I can simply fax it through the system. It means lots of walking to the printer but I don’t really mind because I know she feels very happy if she has got something to do.

I made a new friend today over lunch because one of my usual lunch buddies didn’t come to work. The other I guess wouldn’t want to eat with me anymore. So, there was a table, 4 chairs, 3 filled up, 1 empty chair. I filled in the blank. She shares the same surname as me. She has a degree in Biology. Therefore, I can conclude that the majority of people here are scientists. It was nice talking to her even though it was just a short conversation. Maybe I get to lunch with her again tomorrow.

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